Boys Team Charity

Boys Team Charity is a volunteer service organization dedicated to developing an altruistic spirit in young men.

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Lisa Scanlon

Boys Team Charity was founded by two moms in the Arcadia neighborhood who had six sons between them and had been discussing their desire to teach their children the meaning and importance of "giving back" to their community.

After some research, they realized that there were no organized opportunities for boys to experience the wonderful gift of sharing their time and talents to help others.

”After a few calls to our close friends, we realized the desire and need was common among us." We immediately invited and organized a founding board the start creating a mission for our organization. In the spring of 2002, boys team charity started fulfilling its mission with approximately 200 members ready to work and it has continued to grow.”

The success of btc is felt, not only by our members, but by the philanthropies we serve. Our hope for our members is Success & Significance.